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3 min read

5 Ways To Make This Apple Harvest Season Stellar

Apples are big sellers in the US. With over 100 cultivars, from Honeycrisp to Golden Delicious, there is no dearth of...

3 min read

Tracing the roots to better carrot quality for grower and traders

Carrots are the 6th most consumed fresh vegetable in the U.S., with 85% grown in California. They come in a rainbow of...

3 min read

Digitizing grape quality to help traders achieve sustained growth

You won’t hear this on the grapevine, but grapes are not just for snacking between meals. They are used as ingredients...

4 min read

Staying Out Of The Lukewarm Zone Of Indecision In Banana Quality

Bananas are one of the most traded fruits across the globe. To paint a clearer picture, in 2017, 20% of the global...

3 min read

A New Incarnation Of Fresh Produce Quality Processes

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is...

3 min read

AI: A No-Brainer For Food Safety

 This #WorldFoodSafetyDay, we aim to raise awareness on how AI goes a long way in keeping food safe.

From 2004 to...

5 min read

Time To Stop Disguising Poor Produce Quality Practices

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what does it take to get people to buy that apple? Top-notch quality. 


4 min read

Why Excel Is Bad To Monitor Fresh Produce Quality?

Data is invaluable. For every business. Yet, fresh produce companies use outdated tools to store, communicate, and...

3 min read

The Pursuit of High Quality In Strawberries

They say assessing quality, especially in soft fruits like strawberries, isn’t simple. We prove the opposite with the...

2 min read

Communication Is Visual In Fresh Produce Quality. Why Aren’t You?

“The fruits are decayed? They were good when we shipped out.”

How many times have we heard this line? Too many to...

4 min read

Tackling the Problems in Fresh Produce that Surface from Labour Scarcity

It’s a speck on the edge of our consciousness. We know that there is a dire need for solutions that unravel the web of...

3 min read

The Benefits You Reap by Digitising Fresh Produce Quality Control

Australia is rich in fresh produce but short on labour . This labour scarcity has been escalated due to the pandemic,...