Fast delivery needs faster and scalable quality processes


Intello ShelfEye helps automates dark stores, online fresh produce and mealkit quality processes with AI to cut superfluous costs, enhance operations, and delight customers

With fresh produce quality checks performed every hour and, on the hour, you optimize operations and prevent gaps in quality. Helping you reach better customer satisfaction!

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Optimized Quality

Objectively monitor shelves, crates, and bins to detect the minutest defects that go unseen by the naked eye 24x7

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Customer Delight

Automate quality monitoring and guarantee customers get exactly the quality they demand and when they demand it

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Increased Productivity

With paperless processes and automated alerts on corrective action, completing QC has never been easier

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Achieve Consistency

Computer vision precision removes the human-error factor and delivers a consistent quality of produce every time


Within a week clients gained


Rise in customer level quality


Rise in shelf level quality


Reduction in customer returns



Precise Quality, Happier Customers

Computer vision combined with powerful, proprietary algorithms make produce quality accurate. No more unhappy customers forced to settle for unsatisfactory groceries!

  • Amplify cost savings 
  • Reduce labor dependence 
  • Speed up delivery timelines
  • Keep shelf availability optimal 
  • Handle large volume inventory
  • Lessen QC training requirements
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Take Timely Corrective Actions

Alerts on phones on defective items allow you to take action before it becomes a problem. Besides periodic call to actions, the solution sends confirmation on replacements!

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Fuel Innovation With Granular Analytics

Understand the quality of your fresh produce, how it performs and what more you can do to win customers. Reach better business decisions with this AI-powered solution. 

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Trigger sales improvement actions

City or central teams can remotely access analytics like demand variation or comparing quality before and after call-to-action


Get real-time, insightful data

Customizable trends on stores, slots, commodities, defects, and more to help managers take action because grocery deliveries run on tight margins


An agile solution for everyone

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Get Proven Results: Better Quality, Better Bottom Line