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Custom-built for produce quality inspections

Intello Track helps you gain greater control over quality processes, driving accuracy, consistency, & collaboration



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Trade your pen, paper, spreadsheets, and emails with one app and automate quality assessment.

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Consolidate your data in a living record for auditability and uncover insights on trends and patterns.

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Leverage the power of AI to get instant and objective quality analysis with a click of a picture.

Make your quality processes faster, efficient and accountable




Standardize processes
With everyone following the same quality processes and specs, you standardize results across your supply chain


Remote accessibility
Access quality data from anywhere not just the field at any time


Ease of use
The mobile app is very easy to use and offers practical measurement of quality in your palms


Improve supply chain
Dashboard allows you to compare weekly or monthly quality of supplier, location or commodity to make improvements in the supply chain



Trace commodity journey
Trace quality with barcodes, QR codes, or lot I.D. on individual bins or loads from source to shelf


Get consistent quality
AI removes human bias from quality inspection, offering objective results instantly and optimizing the quality


Earn customer loyalty
Retrieve data even after months of inspection offers more accountability and builds trust


Realize business opportunities
Analyze your historical data and uncover actionable insights to make earlier, more informed decisions

Used by some of the biggest food businesses

Sahyadri Dole Reliance Deccan Produce Haritpane Om Gayatri EverFruit

Make your business future-ready!

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