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Best in breed grading

IntelloGrade delivers the highest performance at the lowest life cycle cost


IntelloGrade is a next-generation grading machine. Powered by the ingenuity of AI, it combines sensors with data-driven analysis to give you a crystal clear picture of every nut or spice. 

Effective, accurate, and high-yielding, this premium machine delivers objective, verifiable results. Capturing data on every attribute. Empowers your team to make real-time decisions for higher-quality output and better margins.

IntelloGrade is easy to use and designed to grow with your requirements. It can handle double the manual capacity and offers consistent, precise performance. An unparalleled and hygienic build makes it effortlessly accessible, simplifying the sorting process and ensuring food safety compliance.

Grading challenges addressed with next-gen sensors

An innovative solution bringing objective clarity to grading nuts, spices and more.

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360° scanning for precise data on size, color, shape & more.

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Grades entire lots in 2 to 3 minutes

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10x quicker than manual grading

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Comprehensive quality reports in under 20 mins

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4 times more accurate than manual grading

IntelloGrade is compatible with

cardamom (1) almond coffee-beans

Cardamom grading

We configure IntelloGrade to your production environment. It grades on all cardamom attributes – size (diameter), color, weight, volume, and finishing. Using AI, it can grade all varieties of cardamom, even identifying out pods with blacks and dots. Effective, safe, and high-yielding, IntelloGrade has a capacity of 100 gms per sample size.

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Almond Grading

IntelloGrade is powered by proprietary technology to reliably grade almonds on appearance and identify even the most challenging defects. With full-surface scanning, the AI-based machine detects the smallest chip, mold, or other damage in the shortest time. Consistent, highly accurate, and efficient, IntelloGrade reduces rejection rates and increases quality product yield.

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Coffee Cherry Grading

IntelloGrade applies state-of-the-art technology to grade coffee beans at high speed. Place the grading machine in your processing line with the confidence that it removes all defective products that impact quality. With high throughput, lower operating costs, and higher food safety, our coffee grading solution offers process control you can trust.

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Your AI partner in nuts, spices and coffee grading

Automate grading with IntelloGrade and get smarter, accurate and verifiable results!