Intello FruitSort
Reduce sorting cost by up to 90%, 40X faster than manual sorting, 4X more accurate than manual sorting

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Pure Innovation For The Delicate Sorting Touch.



Designed from scratch to counterbalance gentle handling with productivity, FruitSort represents a revolution in automatic fruit sorting machines. The configurable machine comes with integrated lighting and cameras that rotate 360 degrees, so no part of the fruit surface goes undetected.

Reliable, robust, and optimized for multiple soft fruit sorting, it’s the only machine truly made in India with longevity as the goal. FruitSort can future-proof your business with automatic tray handling, wet infeed, brushing, waxing, and air-based drying options.

Intelligence Combined With Advanced Control

A single, low-cost, and compact sorting line designed for easy use.

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Objective, Accurate

With AI-enabled computer vision

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Avoid Damages

Due to its soft cup-based design

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Prevent Collisions

Using a single-line arrangement


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Individual Weighing

Via double sensors, dynamic device

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Remote Troubleshooting

With an IoT enabled system


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Electronically Configurable

Thresholds for grading and rejection

Commodities Supported

Tomato Orange Apple (2) Pomegranate (2)

Segregation Based On





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Defects(External & Internal)

Defects(External & Internal)

Advanced Inspection Systems

FruitSort reduces your dependence on labor without sacrificing performance. The AI-powered system catches the tiniest of defects. So, you enhance the accuracy and consistency of the quality of your sorted fruits.




Retain Essential Freshness

Each line of FruitSort handles fruits delicately and keeps them separated, resulting in low to no impact on the softshell. It helps retain their essential freshness. So, you get the best price. 



Increased Cost-Effective Yield 

We precision-engineered FruitSort to have an output capacity of 1.5 to 2 tons per hour per line. The sorting machine is extendable to up to 6 lines. So, you deliver quality produce. On time. Every time.



Cutting-Edge Efficiency

What differentiates our multi-commodity automated fruit sorting machine is the expertise that allows you to exceed the ever-increasing grading complexities. So, you match international standards of sorting across the world.


Take gentle handling and fruit sorting to a new level with maximum throughput. Get in touch.