Intello FlowStar
Pack 40+ Fruits & Veggies Seafood and Non-Veg, Upto 1500 Packs Per Hour capacity,5x Saving On Labor Cost

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An All-in-One Machine

Auto Weighing > Flow Wrap Packing > Dynamic Labelling 

Intello FlowStar is a groundbreaking packing machine designed to eliminate food business challenges, from high SKUs to manual labor.  Extremely adaptable and fast, the packing machine weighs and packs 40+ different types of fruits and vegetables. And it’s versatile enough to handle meat and seafood too. 
Intello FlowStar comes with intelligent technology. The weighing and packing machine automatically fit the bag to the volume and length of the commodity. With one machine you can pack varying commodities without clipping or sealing leafy ends and reduce excess pack weight by 80%.

Intelligence Combined With Advanced Control

A single, low-cost, and compact weigh-pack line designed for easy use.

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Recognizes commodity size for optimal packs

Dark Store Icons-2-02 Consistency


Food grade stainless steel conveyor ensures safety 

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Accurately maintains weight tolerance for maximum saving


Highly Versatile - Pack All



Green Leafy

Green Leafy

Cut Pieces 02

Cut Pieces

Non Veg (1)

Non Veg

Supported Commodities

Lettuce Baby Corn Lemon Carrot Okra Bottle Gourd Beetroot Eggplant Radish Spring Onion Tinda Spinach Sweet Potato Ginger Curry Leaves French Beans Thyme Broccoli Yam Methi Spring Onion (1) Fruits and Sprouts Capsicum Coriander Ridge Gourd Shrimp Prawn Chilli Rosemary Cucumber Basil Pumpkin

Fast, efficient, and hassle-free

Intello FlowStar comes with sensor-based cutting, guaranteeing no wastage of packaging material and ensuring consistent packing quality. The self-adjusting feature gives you packs in a wide range of sizes. Supports a plethora of packing materials including Biodegradables, from standard PE to tamperproof LDPE to MAP for fresher, longer shelf life. The machine can pack with and without trays with a 4-hole punch and can be integrated with a dynamic labeling option.
Easy to set up and operate with minimal training, Intello FlowStar is your answer to continuously mounting expenses!

Automated Weighing

Pack to exact tolerances and compliance weight limits

Packing Weights: 100 gm, 250gm, 0.5 kg, 1.0 kg

Pack Dimensions supported

Length: 200-500 mm

Width: 180-275 mm

Height: 50 -100 mm



Versatile Packaging

Multiple commodity & packing material support including biodegradables

Packing Material: PE, OPP, CPP, LDPE/HDPE, and MAP


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Dynamic Labeling

Pack & price down to the gram with dynamic labels



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