Intello Sort
Reduce sorting cost by up to 90%, 40X faster than manual sorting, 4X more accurate than manual sorting

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Making Sorting Intelligent.

Machine Intelligent.

Intello Sort gives you quality that doesn’t cost time or effort.


Intello Sort is the next chapter in digital sorting. The configurable, automated machine physically segregates fruits and vegetables for growers, packers, aggregators, traders, retailers, and processors. Built for multiple commodities, it sorts based on size, color, and visual defects.
Completely customizable, Intello Sort gives you the flexibility to change quality criteria based on commodity, season, or location. It offers additional segregation based on size grades. In one reliable, compact fresh produce sorter, you get the accuracy that surpasses your needs.

Intelligence Combined With Advanced Control

A single, low-cost, and compact sorting line designed for easy use.

Driven by Data 02

Driven by data

100% adherence to specifications, delivering standardised results.

Precision Tech 02

Precision Tech

Computer-vision, and advanced machine algorithm-based model with 360 degree rotation for complete surface check.

Reduced Manpower 02

Reduced Manpower

24 X 7 sorting with limited manpower increases yield.


Objective Sorting

Objective Sorting

Free of human-bias for accurate defect detection.

Lower Cost

Lower Cost

Reduces sorting cost by upto 90%


Smart System

Smart System

IoT enabled for real-time access to a rich set of data insights.

Commodities Supported

Tomato Potato Onion Orange Sweet Lime

Segregation Based On





Visual Defects

Visual Defects

Count 02


Automated for Efficiency

Intello Sort has over a dozen cameras that capture images from all angles. Each piece continuously rotates, scanning the entire surface of the fresh produce in seconds to weed out defective pieces.


Intello sort 2


Customizable Sorting Criteria

Through the user interface, you can configure Intello Sort to your quality parameter requirements. For one lot, sort potatoes based on size and defects. For another, sort them for color and decay.



Simple User Interface

With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, you can start, pause, or alter parameters. Intello Sort, available in multiple formats, ensures maximum quality and safety. Without sacrificing sorting performance, it offers high yield.



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