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Intello Labs uses the sharpness of AI and precision of computer vision to make the quality of your produce better and the process faster. So, you make profit-maximizing decisions. Every day. For every commodity.

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Smarter supply chain with standardized, traceable quality

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Better financial outcomes with automated, transparent processes

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Agile decision-making with accurate, data-driven analytics


Intello Labs Products

Intello Labs offers complete automation in supply chain management of fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and nuts. Each one optimizes your produce supply chain, so you sell more, and waste less with minimal effort.

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Market Linkage

Making horticultural trade easy for growers and buyers

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Quality Assaying

Measure, record, track fresh produce quality

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Process Automation

Automate sorting, grading, packing, and more

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Cut manual effort


Reduce rejections


Slash food loss


Bring Speed, Trust, & Transparency To Quality With Intello Labs


Intello Labs guarantees you good quality. A value multiplier, and the greatest advantage for any agribusiness. Our AI-powered technologies help you measure, monitor, share, and take action to automate manual processes, bring accuracy to quality, and eliminate shrink.


Whether you need a simple quality record-keeping app or comprehensive supply chain management software, Intello Labs has the right solution for you. Solutions whose benefits extend far beyond fresher produce and happier customers to make a real-world impact.



Can you be future-ready?

Find out how we revolutionize your food supply chain by digitizing quality.


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Our Clients

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“Intello Track has been useful in testing the quality of the fruits in the process. It has reduced the sampling time from 30-40 mins to 30 seconds and it has brought a great deal of transparency in the process.”
KVS Narsimha Rao
Demand Lead, Vegrow
“This is a new generation technology that ensures complete traceability and real-time information for all stake stakeholders involved. It's a great utility for quality controllers, supervisors, and leadership.”
Manoj Lahane
Director, Haritpane Exports
“We are very excited about Intello Lab's new imaging technology and we see a lot of potential applications in PFG operations from field inspections to receiving distribution facilities.”
Bob Warnock
VP Produce at PFG

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