Program Manager

About Intello Labs: 

Intello Labs is Gurugram based agritech start-up founded in 2016 by IIT Bombay alumni. It taps the power of AI, ML, and computer vision to solve one of the biggest problems our world faces – cutting down food loss. We do this by digitizing the quality assessment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our technology transforms quality processes, making them objective, efficient, and less wasteful. 

From growers to packers, from exporters to food services, anyone can use our innovative,  scalable solutions to digitize food quality, achieve fair pricing and reduce food wastage.  Intello Labs gives the edge needed to make a food business thrive. 


About Praman: 

Praman is a digital exchange led by quality objectification for FnV and spices. Praman enables quality-based e-auctions and trading for sellers and buyers. At a daily GTV of $2mn,  Praman is poised to scale and be the largest platform in the Agri-tech ecosystem. 


Designation: EIR - Program Manager (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) 


Job Responsibilities: 

To enable this journey, we have created a high-powered central EIR/program management  team that is responsible for: 

  • Attacking the key strategic problems/ opportunities that will unlock growth for  Praman.
  •  It is aligned to critical parts of the business such as product, user growth (marketing),  business/supply, user experience, and operations.
  • The individual is expected to seamlessly step into any part of the business at Praman and get cracking to solve the problem at hand. 
  • This team will be the crucial source of leadership talent for Praman. Hence, the  individual should have the ability to think sharply and execute at a fast pace
  • Pick up essential projects that need to be unlocked to enable growth. It could range  from redesigning our customer support process to improve customer experience, to  significantly increase the speed of supply building, to deep data dives to understand  what makes our users love our service
  • Establish business processes: spending time on the ground to gather insights and  build solid strategies/SOPs to enable a seamless scaleup
  • Collaborate across multiple teams: city team, marketing, product, finance to ensure  coherence and swift execution
  • In a nutshell, the EIR/program manager is expected to attack critical business  bottlenecks for Praman to enable swift scale-up 



  •  MBA from Top institutions with 4+ years of experience 
  • Start-up or Consulting expertise across product, user growth, customer experience,  sales, etc.
  • Over and above - a strong-willed, sharp problem solver and hands-on and solve real problems!

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