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One app to achieve accuracy, consistency, and collaboration

Intello Track is easy to use. It offers mobility and remote access. Instead of receiving updates at the end of the day, all quality data is available to you in real-time. So, you can perform instant audits to ensure compliance.

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Use workflow automation to ensure compliance and attain traceability.

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Leverage analytics to gain data auditability, insights and efficiencies.

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Get the power of AI and standardize quality and prevent food loss.

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From berries to tomatoes, you can use Intello Track for multiple commodities

  • Standardize quality 
  • Get traceability from source to shelf
  • Capitalize data insights to increase productivity 
  • Automate report generation with paired image logs 
  • Gain better transparency on commodity, vendor, or location


less manual effort


fewer rejections


less food loss

Become future-ready with Intello Track

Manual quality processes are painful and not standardized. You end up with mismatches, and a lot of data spread thin. Intello Track gives you a jumpstart on quality by digitizing processes.

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Say goodbye to pen, paper, Excel sheets and ten different messaging apps.

Measure product quality with Intello track app

A Single Source Of Truth On Quality

  • No manual errors with pre-set location and process 

  • Less hassle and effort with predefined quality specs

Generate and share product quality report with Intello track app

Improved Visibility On Your Products’ Quality

  • Automatically get comprehensive reports with images

  • Share reports with all stakeholders with one click

Monitor the performance for trends and patterns with Intello track app

Pinpoint The Root Cause Of Quality Issues

  • Analytics to identify problems in commodities, region, or supplier

  • Monitor the performance for trends and patterns

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Take Action

Don’t Get Buried In Data

  • Intuitive and KPI-based dashboard for data-backed choices

  • Prioritize issues and make faster, more impactful corrective actions

Solutions for the entire food supply chain



Are you a grower, shipper or packer searching for a tool that helps pre-grade commodities and reduces quality delivery disputes?

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Are you an exporter, importer or wholesaler searching for a way to ensure buyers trust your quality and reduce rejections?

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Are you a retailer searching for a tool that tracks shelf quality, reduces food waste and sends automatic alerts?

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Processors/Food Services

Are you a food processing or food services businesses searching for a way to deliver consistent quality and price negotiations?

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Be Future-Ready!

Start your digitisation journey today with Intello Track.

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Head Of Quality

Head Of Quality

“I have to keep training my workforce on quality specs, and it costs time and money.”

Track acts as your training tool and helps achieve objective quality.

Head of Procurement /VP of Fresh Produce

Head of Procurement /VP of Fresh Produce

“I have no visibility on my vendors, and that eats into my bottom lines.”

Track gives you an eagle-eye view of vendors, lots, and locations by consolidating data and using analytics.

Head of IT

Head of IT

“I need a tool that integrates with my existing tech ecosystem.”

Track integrates with your current tech ecosystem and is configurable to your use cases.

Founder/ CEO

Founder/ CEO

“My clients don’t trust our quality. They want visual proof, and I want traceability.”

Track creates reports with paired images you can share with a click. Geotagged records make your data traceable.

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