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E-grocery: a change in status quo

Online grocery has seen a boom in sales as a result of Covid-19. Now, e-tailers are seeking solutions to the challenge of meeting quality expectations on fresh produce There is no more fundamental need than the need for food, and this will never go away.

Farm mechanization 2.0: are we there yet?

The answer is just about. With better machines, Farming-as-a-Service andautomation-based technologies, the scope of farm mechanization hasdefinitely moved ahead, but we’re still playing catch up to the westernworld. Given we are an agrarian economy, technology in agriculture is not novel. In fact, it’s been thriving

New Normal in Online shopping or temporary shift?

None of us can fathom yet how deep is the novel coronavirus’ impact on the retail economy. But when you take a look at the numbers two changes rise to the front a) people are shopping online more for apparent reasons and b) purchasing priorities

Progressive Thinking or About to be Extinct?

In our discussions with food retailers,  we see two distinct segments...there are progressive thinking, forward looking businesses, who are obsessed with customer satisfaction. And then there are old fashioned entities, having a false notion about how past processes and problems will persist for ever. Here