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“Bringing Transparency, Contextualizing Information” – enabled by Artificial Intelligence & data science

We provide advanced image recognition technology that can recognize objects, faces, flora fauna and tag them in any image. At the center of our technology are high performance deep learning algorithms on which a new generation of intelligent applications are being built for applications including agriculture, eCommerce, advertising, manufacturing and curation.

Digital Agriculture

Small farmers around the world follow traditional farming practices due to lack of access to scientific understanding of crop lifecycle, pests, quality metrics and the latest micro-fertilizers. Our Image based solutions provide insights on the crops’ health during the growing season and its final harvested quality by click of photograph.

Agricultural Product Grading

Automated quality analysis of images of food products is an accurate and reliable method for grading fresh products (fruits, grains, vegetables, cotton etc.) characterized by color, size and shape.
  • Our Solution reads the image that a farmer has taken on his phone and determines the product quality in real time, without any manual intervention

Crop Infestation

Farmers can click an image of their crop and use our solutions to understand the Pests, Diseases and Foreign plants (weeds) growing in their farms.  

Our Solutions use Deep Learning and Image Processing Models to identify any crop diseases or pest infestation in the crops . Along with the parameters, it gives recommendations on how that disease can be cured and prevented from increasing further.

Online value Optimization

Online value optimization is a unique e-commerce analytics suite that includes actionable reporting and alerts for the data available on the web. We give you a number of solutions for Online Value Optimization. Some of them included are:
  • Understand what parameters are important for consumers.
  • Brand Monitoring and Consumer Sentiments.
  • Track Branding guide line violations made on e-commerce platforms in images, text, prices, etc.
  • Additional features like Product mapping, Price trends, MOP alerts, etc.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is concerned with the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of useful information from a single image or a sequence of images.

For business to solve complex problems, we provide complete computer vision solutions that can read, tag and compare images and provide insights and decision making points that makes it easier to make the appropriate decisions. Computer Vision can be used for:

  • Images used to monitor the assets and help in improvement.
  • Identification of objects and machines.
  • Effectiveness of  banners/ visuals.

Reading 1 million+ images daily

More than 10 countries

25+ Brands
1 million+ SKUs

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