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Digital Agriculture

Images and smartphones have the potential to help agriculture industry meet its productivity and sustainability challenges. The simplicity of images as a medium of communication can help overcome the lack of information flow across agriculture value chain. Intello Labs aims to revolutionize agriculture by enabling farmers, traders, millers, retailers and end users in communication though images for product quality, infestation, plant health or even soil conditions

Our Computer vision algorithms for digital agriculture can see minutest details on every image and harness intelligence to grade agriculture commodities or determine crop infestation.

Agricultural Products Grading

Intello Labs has invented a pioneering first-in-the-world app & equipment to test, grade and analyse the visual quality parameters of agri commodities. We currently offer services for testing and grading of wheat, corn, tomato, soybean, potato and onions. We are in the process of adding one commodity per month to our portfolio, thereby widening our product portfolio and client base. We also can customize the product for each individual company and each location basis your requirements – thereby deepening the knowledge of the commodity. Our invention adds tremendous value to the food and agribusiness industry by :
  1. Reducing the time taken for quality testing from 15 minutes to 2 minutes.
  2. Real time sharing of data across multiple locations and screens.
  3. An accuracy of 95 % and more beating the human eye.
  4. Removal of subjectivity in quality assessment.
  5. Promoting a shared understanding of the visual quality paramters.
  6. Eliminating disputes thereby saving managerial time and legal fees leading to increased productivity.

Crop infestation

Today, the farmer has limited knowledge of plant diseases and pests, thus they treat all plant related infestation as same. This leads to over use of chemicals which in turn affects produce quality and health of consumer. We aim to harness advanced computer vision algorithms and provide a ‘click and learn’tool to the farmers. This will help in easy identification of type of infestation and understanding suitable treatment .

  • Using our deep learning and image processing models, identify any diseases within the crops.
  • Along with the parameters, get specific symptoms and causes for the disease detected in the Image.
  • Gives various recommendations on how that disease can be cured and prevented from increasing further.

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