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Computer vision & Image recognition.

Computer Vision is the science that aims to give the capability to see and virtually sense the world to a machine or computer. In other words, computer vision makes computers see. Computer vision is concerned with the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of useful information from a single image or a sequence of images.

Image Tagging

Read Images and use them as data source

The world is increasingly becoming visual and cameras are emerging as complimentary data source to untrained human eyes

However it is difficult to read images and extract information and insights from them .

With our patent pending image recognition platform we can help business read, tag and generate insights from images thus truly making images as alternate to human eyes

banner effectiveness

Today, a large number of digital media and images with creative content and messaging are used for a variety of business objectives. However, it is difficult to identify underlying elements of the creative and train machine learning algorithms to identify winners so that they can re–construct elements which create highest conversions.

Our Banner effectiveness solution helps make creative creation a scientific and measurable exercise that reconstructs axes that result in higher conversions. The solution provides:

  • Identify underlying elements of the image
  • Tag & categorize the image with elements/ combination of elements
  • Correlating business metrics to the elements
  • A forecasting algorithm to identify future star creatives